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Out on the Limb


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Break time--in from the precious sunlight awaiting a not-so-important phone call.
I can see already that this blog presents a problem for me. My dilemna is to decide how I want to use this blog. I created this blog out of curiosity: How easy is a blog to create? How visually creative will I be able to get? Will maintaining blog entries be an asset or a hinderance? Will anyone read this? Do I want anyone to read this? (smile)

I also created this blog because I eventually would like to create another for the purposes of submitting a newsletter for a monastery. So I need the practice.

The first thing I notice about my personal blog (here) is that I created a non-public blog. Once again I find myself talking to myself! Throughout most of my life I have been an isolationist. By "isolationist" I mean I was a social snob; or rather, I was a self-proclaimed outcast who covered up that "fact" by pretending I actually preferred to be alone. I believed myself too! Now I am approaching age 50 and am sticking my toes in the water of socializing. What better place to do that than the world wide web. (I never hear anyone verbalize "world wide web" but I think the term has a pleasant ring.) Decades ago...before personal computers and before I became an isolationist...I dreamt of being able to communicate with others around the globe. I envisioned problem-solving and networking galore. What I failed to realize, due to the limiting nature of my quirks, is that to get help one must ask for help!

It appears that to progress beyond my anti-social "I can do it myself" attitude...I must make this blog public and cast my words to the winds. I'll do that tomorrow.....
posted by Deb, 1:03 PM


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