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Out on the Limb

Top Dog

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just yesterday, I posted about the hazards and excesses of hunting (see The K Chromosome) on my Sand Dragon Green blog.

Today, I have been delving into the Darwin Awards for my, albeit warped, sense of humor. I come across a jewel titled "Boner".

Assuming you've read the link about bone-head boner, here are my comments:

#1 - It's a stinkin' bone the dog grabbed as opposed to a fresh kill. That tells me this story is about control and who is master.
#2 - I find myself wondering what this man's family life was like (if he had one).
#3 - Good doggie!
#4 - Good man for confirming, truthfully, the tragic events before he died.

The End
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Meet Brutus

Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Puppy One of my sons is visiting from Tucson, Arizona.

He brought his new buddy, Brutus, with him.

Brutus is now eight weeks old.....and growing!
He exhausted himself at the dog beach today, enjoying every minute making friends and dodging waves.
Brutus at Dog Beach
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Still Here

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Self Portrait with Friend

So. I haven't posted here since mid-February. It appears I needed a break.

Here's a brief run-down of the last few months.

In March I had a roommate. He was polite and clean, including keeping our shared bathroom in excellent shape. I knew him for two years and did not feel threatened by his presence. His girlfriend, however, was a nut case and I absolutely had no patience for the drama. It's always something... Anyway, he decided to move back to India and so only rented the room one month.

Both in February and in March I applied for two different positions (one volunteer and one paying) at the Medicine Buddha retreat in northern California. No go. Can't even get a volunteer "job"! I also re-explore the ideas of volunteering in Nepal or Belize, but funds are low and I just don't feel I should uproot myself yet again. Thankfully, I get a part-time job at a yoga studio nearby for 15 hours per week. I can still eat.

In April my oldest son had a horrible motorcycle accident. Without divulging all the gory details, the good news is that he recovered remarkably well and is walking again. He had no injuries to his head or internal organs. He was very very fortunate in a number of ways, including the fact that the ambulance was on its way back from the hospital when they got the call, and happened to be very close to the scene. The police treated the scene as a fatality, nevertheless, because they just didn't expect him to live.

In May I began packing my bags. My lease had expired and my part-time job isn't covering living expenses. I also thought my recovering son could use my help. At his invitation, I moved in with two of three sons.

In June I shifted gears and organized my little corner of the apartment.

In July, an application I put in at a local new-age bookstore/gift shop looks hopeful for late August.

Currently, I'm still applying for various retail jobs. Also, I'm devouring books on Shamanism.
So that's where I'm at. Still in limbo, but feeling a bit more hopeful in spite of the current economic, environmental, and political mess we continue to endure.
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