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Out on the Limb


Thursday, September 27, 2007

thanks to Blue Gal


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North Powder

Monday, September 24, 2007

oregon trail
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Day 13, eastbound 4-5-07
journey cont'd

Our first night eastbound was spent in North Powder, Oregon. We stopped here because, well....I liked the name. (Estimated population in 2003 was 488). We have turned away from the Columbia River and are heading south at the moment.

I was encouraged to find a clean, reasonable family-owned motel. They charged $37 for 2 queen beds. I take this as a sign that we will continue to find decent lodging off-the-beaten-path throughout the U.S. Boy, was I ever wrong!

We take a pleasant walk through town and visit a couple of historic sites: North Powder's first jail, an old wagon, and those lovingly-built monolithic stone buildings. Little did I know how weary I would become two months hence of seeing old pioneer wagons; but I'm sure I wasn't near as weary of seeing them as the pioneers were!

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Day 13

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Passing Through
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
....begins the 2nd leg of my long journey in the Spring of 2007.
It is Thursday, April 5th 2007

Leg 1 - San Diego, California TO Darrington, Washington (see previous posts)
Leg 2 - Darrington, WA TO Burnsville (Celo), North Carolina
Leg 3 - Burnsville, NC TO Port Orange, Florida
Leg 4 - Port Orange, FL TO Darrington, WA
Leg 5 - Darrington, WA TO San Diego, CA

We left Mike's at 5:30 AM to beat the rush-hour traffic in Seattle. We breezed with the greatest of ease through Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, Washington. I was amazed with our good luck. "This is an omen!" I thought to myself, as my passenger snored through most of the morning.

Bypassing Portland, Oregon, we head eastbound up the Columbia River on the Oregon side, stopping for lunch in beautiful Hood River, wind surfing capital of the world (they tell me).

My excitement runs high as I fantasize about the many new experiences that await me in my new (temporary) home in North Carolina. I'm due to arrive at the herb garden on April 18th....so we have plenty of time to enjoy our cross-country trip. I struggle to put my "future" thoughts aside so that I can enjoy and experience the present.

Wagons East!!!

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Deep Fried Liberty

Friday, September 14, 2007

deep fried liberty
Originally uploaded by Andrew Huff
Go ahead....get goofy!! It's Friday!
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Resting in Washington

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Continued journey story-telling - Days 8 thru 12...

...were spent resting in Darrington, Washington. It was cold, and rainy. No surprise there. I visited a local coffee shop that I recalled had a computer available for patrons, but it was broken. "We have WiFi!", the gal told me brightly. This was a phrase I would hear repeatedly on my trip cross-country and back. Convenient internet cafes with PC's have come and gone, for the most part. Without a lap-top, travelers are pretty much SOL now, which is why a Spring journey is being told in Fall.

I also had a problem getting a decent cup of coffee at this once favorite coffeehouse. Putting on a pot of drip coffee was only done upon customer request, necessitating a 10 minute or so wait. Waiting was not a problem for me, so I went daily and made my request. So far, so good. But the shop owner wasn't too keen on wasting the remainder of the pot. That's my guess, because she began strongly suggesting I try "Americana" coffee (a shot of espresso with hot water). I didn't like the taste or texture, and I tried it two days in a row to be sure. I still like my REAL coffee.

I spent the few days in my old neighborhood reviewing my survival supplies:
candles - check
instant foods - check
gloves - check
portable toilet - check
....and so on...

I needed work boots and found a perfect pair at the thrift store for $2. I also purchased a hooded sweat-shirt and a summer pair of gardening gloves.

We would be back on the road Thursday, 4-5-07. On Wednesday, as my anticipation reached full height, it snowed big fat flakes. It was a welcome, lovely sight:

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I've been a whirlwind of activity lately reshuffling my blogs and links.

This blog has a serious format problem on IE. Limb looks great on Firefox (which I use); but on Internet Explorer....my main posts drop several feet below sea level. Can anyone help me fix this? I'm clueless.

I started a new political blog to support Dennis Kucinich for President over at Blogcharm. Sorry, Blogger. My mistake. Now I'm moving all my political posts back over to my Blogger Sense of Urgency even though I have a lot of work to do there. Please excuse the mess. I switched to a 3-column format recently and lost my profile, among other things.

My green blog, Sand Dragon, has been re-activated. I cannot focus on politics without also addressing our massive environmental problems, and vice versa. These two topics are Siamese twins, and least in this decade.

Out on the Limb remains my pressure cooker safety valve. Thanks for hanging out here with me!
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San Juan Sunset

Monday, September 10, 2007

I just discovered I have video upload capabilities on Blogger. Thanks, Blogger!
So I thought I would treat y'all to a beautiful sunset on San Juan Island, Washington State.
This was taken from a trail near Royal Marine Camp. It was Young Hill Trail, and we passed the cemetery about half way up. The trail isn't well marked and also is not noted on most tourist maps. Ask the locals how to get to the trailhead if you are interested. It's a favorite with them.

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Leg One Done

Mike's cat
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Day 7 - 3-30-07

Leg 1 of my 4 month journey is now complete (as I continue to tell the story months later). We meandered for seven days from San Diego to the town of Darrington, Washington, which was my home for many years.

Mike, a family friend, was our host while we rested and re-grouped for the next leg of the journey to begin several days later. Thanks, Mike! Mike normally lives alone with his cool cat whatz-his-name. Really....I can't remember the cat's name. It was something original, like "Kitty" or "Whiskers"...

Cat was very relaxed, and wise beyond his years. You can see it in the eyes.

green eye
Originally uploaded by sand dragon

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Greener Pastures

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Take a walk over to my GREEN blog to see my new green shoes.

Just for you, CatWoman! :)

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Westwynd Motel

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Westwynd Motel
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Day 6 cont'd

I wanted to stay at the Westwynd because I had met the manager online and was interested in learning more about her plans to help troubled teens. I was also attracted to this motel because I like Westwynd's pet policy.

The motel room was huge. I was told that the rooms were formerly apartments, but the owner realized that both he and visitors would benefit more by turning the apartments in motel rooms at a really reasonable rate. No price gouging here! For under $90 you can get a large, clean 2 bedroom with total sleeping space for eight people (2 in each bedroom and 4 in living with the pull out seating). Oh...and a full kitchen, too!

It turned out that the manager had suffered a recent personal tragedy (type unknown to me) and so we talked very little. I wish her well.

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Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Day 6, cont'd 3-29-07

Before leaving San Diego, I had plans to spend a night in Gig Harbor, Washington. For one thing, it is one of my favorite tiny, picturesque towns. In springtime, the bird wall is active; and I love the smell of rotting seaweed dockside. Another reason was my wish to stay at the Westwynd Motel. See post above.

We arrived in Gig Harbor later than I would have liked, and struggled to find an affordable, yet tasty meal. We ended up splitting a pitiful sausage sandwich from Spiro's Pizza on Harborview Drive. The bread was nasty mush and I had a hard time finding the sausage. That after my generous tip, too! I had ordered to go and was too tired to complain. I vote Spiro's as the worst sandwich of my entire trip. If they had a website, I'd link to it just to warn others away.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sorry, folks. Been busy cutting 6" off my hair, and campaigning for Kucinich, and sorting paperwork, and shopping for green shoes, and so forth and so on. I'll continue my cross-country posting and other more current happenings soon.

Meanwhile, the good news is that Lee V is OK in Belize. Phew! Paradise is hopping, lately! :) So glad you are all OK.

Speaking of real life happenings, (warning: graphic disturbing images ahead) I can always depend on Stan to tell it like it is. Situation - critical. Act now.
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Soylent Green

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I just finished re-watching the classic sci-fi horror movie, Soylent Green.

Last lines of the movie:

"Soylent Green is people! We got to stop 'em.....somehow."
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Stomping Grapes

Stomping Grapes
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Yesterday, my sons took me on a surprise trip to a vineyard near Julian, California. Although I am not a wine drinker, I had mentioned to my sons some months ago that stomping grapes was on my list of things-to-do someday. So off we went in the blistering heat.

The guys didn't tell me ahead of time where we were going or what we would be doing, so I had my best pair of shorts on. It took awhile before I was willing to risk getting in the vat, as I didn't want to ruin my shorts. Eventually, my desire to stomp outweighed my concern for clothing, so I rolled the shorts as far up my plump white legs as I could.

It was good fun. Got some grapes you want stomped?....give me a ring.

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