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Out on the Limb

Stomping Grapes

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Stomping Grapes
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Yesterday, my sons took me on a surprise trip to a vineyard near Julian, California. Although I am not a wine drinker, I had mentioned to my sons some months ago that stomping grapes was on my list of things-to-do someday. So off we went in the blistering heat.

The guys didn't tell me ahead of time where we were going or what we would be doing, so I had my best pair of shorts on. It took awhile before I was willing to risk getting in the vat, as I didn't want to ruin my shorts. Eventually, my desire to stomp outweighed my concern for clothing, so I rolled the shorts as far up my plump white legs as I could.

It was good fun. Got some grapes you want stomped?....give me a ring.

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posted by Deb, 4:09 PM


Just wondering, did you think of that Lucy in Italy episode while you were stomping grapes????
That's the first thing that popped in my head when I saw your picture. LOL
commented by Blogger CatWoman, 11:29 AM  
No...not while stomping. BUT, I'm pretty sure that Lucy was the reason I had this desire in the first place.
commented by Blogger Deb, 3:42 PM  

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