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Out on the Limb

When In

Monday, March 19, 2007

When in the ocean,
act as the protozoa do.
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Once Upon A Time

Once a upon a time
a child, barely three
went to visit a great ocean
with her family.

The day was full of promise.
She ran and laughed,
and watched a wavelet
crawl over her toes
with delight.

She inhaled the sweet sticky air
and knew the birds overhead
shared same.

She felt the grit of the sand
on her tender skin
and understood instinctively
all was as it should be.

She grew drowsy
in spite of her insatiable curiosity
and collapsed on a blanket
holding hands
with a dear tiny friend.

Unbound by shame or guilt;
free of worry or time,
and able to soar
within and beyond the moment
to places as natural as just witnessed,
the child came to know
the depths of friendship.

As so it was that this child
later faced
the cruel, suffering world

Did the others
ever have
or fail to remember
such a perfect day?
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Mt. Mitchell's Peak or Bust

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Headline reads: New Adventure Awaits Intrepid Deb

I'm scrambling to get ready to go. So much to do...
and I'm sorry to say that my necklace project is on indefinite hold.

I will be journaling my adventures and hope to get online maybe once every other week or so from an internet cafe in the area.

Picture time!! I will be an hour's drive from here.
and here
two hours from here
and so on

I'll do my best to keep y'all informed. :)
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