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Out on the Limb

Cliff Tigers

Monday, May 10, 2004

I was just admiring a spectacular photo of a monastery in Bhutan (Taktsang Monastery aka Tigers Nest). Looks like a great place for a B&B, but I don't see any way for a taxi to drop me off. A donkey would be helpful since I don’t have a flying tiger.....LET’S GO!

The urge to hit the road is upon me. This urge might have something to do with me cleaning closets this afternoon. O’Gawd...anything but that! I love to travel though. It doesn’t take a dirty closet to push me ought of the house.

The thing about photos is that I always imagine mid-70’s weather. Even if the image shows rain...in my mind it is still mid-70 Fahrenheit. And if the image shows snow/ice, then the cabin with the fire going is just around the bend. I’m not one of those grumpy want-everything-perfect types though. I’ll take what I get. It’s the people, and the food.....smells..noise. It’s the expectation of the titillation of my 5 senses that keeps me yearning for the next journey.

I wonder if being born in Spring encourages individuals to learn to love exploring. Perhaps the population ratio for adventurous travelers is a bit higher for us Spring babies. It seems to me Spring babies have the advantage(?) of being outdoors more often due to nice weather just as we are becoming aware of our surroundings. Surely, someone somewhere has done a study...at taxpayers expense. yes?
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a good read; but, heh...I'm stuck in the boonies

Saturday, May 08, 2004

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feast or famine on Mother's Day

This will be Mother's Day #24 for me. #25 if I count being pregnant. #40 something if I count my tributes to my own mother.

I've gradually grown to expect less and less on Mother's Day...and enjoy the day more and more. If I see the boys, great. If not, I'll catch 'em later. Expectations are pre-meditated resentments, so I am much better off without them (the expectations that is...not the boys).

I used to expect others to make me dinner, even though I enjoy cooking. I've smartened up. Tomorrow I am making Nepalese vege dish. I've purchased a basil pasta salad as a side dish.

My youngest plans on making me breakfast...so he tells me. However, since I get up at 4:00 am and he normally gets up at 11:00 am, this may be a problem. I may have to eat 2 breakfast-essss.
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You know you're getting old when...

Friday, May 07, 2004

...you select underwear based on comfort rather than looks.

Come to think of it...my 20 yr-old body had the best of both worlds. My comfort was not compromised by the bikini style because my belly was FLAT. G-strings weren't invented yet. G-strings came along about the same time as my hemmoroids. The two don't mix.
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Some months ago I read a parable which I can no longer find to relate to you. However, I believe my memory cells have retained the gist of the parable and perhaps you may find the story of benefit. I did. The story goes something like this:

Three men were fishing in the wilderness. On this particular day, the fishermen could see the hut of an old hermit. They had heard that the hermit had lived alone for many years seeking enlightenment and that he was very wise. The fishermen decided to pay the hermit a visit.

The men had a pleasant visit, as the hermit was very kind and gracious. They spoke of many things, and it seemed to the fishermen that the hermit was indeed very wise. One of men asked the hermit how he came to be so wise. The hermit replied that he recited "Om Mani Padme Hum" countless times. "That is good," replied the man, "but you are saying this mantra incorrectly"; and the man proceeded to instruct the hermit on the proper method of recitation.

Some time later, the hermit's guests bade farewell and got into their boat to continue fishing. When they were some distance from shore, they saw the hermit walking on the water to join them. When the hermit was near, he said "How do you say that mantra again?"

"Never mind," said the fishermen.
When I get caught up with the notion that I must perform a task "properly", I may postpone that task indefinitely. A-#1 procrastinator...that's me! So my fear-based habits of procrastination hinder any progress I might make.

The moral of the story for me is: Just do it! (He who hesitates is lost)
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chocolate lovers (lovers of chocolate)

Hey chocolate lovers...check out my new link. Gives you something to think about next time you have a hankering for chocolate. I don't think hankering is a "global" word, so synonyms are:
aparigraha....to crave, grasp, desire, gotta-have-it.

Have a peaceful day,
(hold that link thought...I'm having trouble here)
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carrot poppers

Monday, May 03, 2004

I'm still working the garden...in for a breather. The forecast was for cloudy and rain, but we again have sun. It is an auspicious day. Already I have seen a hummingbird dive bomb a crow. There must be a hummingbird nest nearby. I have always wanted to see a hummingbird nest, but the odds are against me.

Also, during a water break, I plopped myself down in the path and stared at the patch of ground where the carrots are planted. All I see is dirt, but I keep staring. Eventually I see a teeny tiny speck of green. I look closer...and see a pair of teeny tiny green leaves. The plant is so small it must have broke surface this morning. Perhaps I was close to witnessing its birth. I wonder what the odds are of seeing a carrot plant pop out of the ground. The odds would be real good if that is all I had to do all day! The plant reminds me of the starfish pose in yoga. Arms stretched, face to the sun, shouting "here I am!" as I feel the joy and wonder of life on this planet...feet firmed planted in the soil.
P.S. I hope the new plant isn't a weed! Of course, even vegetables are weeds...that we humans favor.
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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Break time--in from the precious sunlight awaiting a not-so-important phone call.
I can see already that this blog presents a problem for me. My dilemna is to decide how I want to use this blog. I created this blog out of curiosity: How easy is a blog to create? How visually creative will I be able to get? Will maintaining blog entries be an asset or a hinderance? Will anyone read this? Do I want anyone to read this? (smile)

I also created this blog because I eventually would like to create another for the purposes of submitting a newsletter for a monastery. So I need the practice.

The first thing I notice about my personal blog (here) is that I created a non-public blog. Once again I find myself talking to myself! Throughout most of my life I have been an isolationist. By "isolationist" I mean I was a social snob; or rather, I was a self-proclaimed outcast who covered up that "fact" by pretending I actually preferred to be alone. I believed myself too! Now I am approaching age 50 and am sticking my toes in the water of socializing. What better place to do that than the world wide web. (I never hear anyone verbalize "world wide web" but I think the term has a pleasant ring.) Decades ago...before personal computers and before I became an isolationist...I dreamt of being able to communicate with others around the globe. I envisioned problem-solving and networking galore. What I failed to realize, due to the limiting nature of my quirks, is that to get help one must ask for help!

It appears that to progress beyond my anti-social "I can do it myself" attitude...I must make this blog public and cast my words to the winds. I'll do that tomorrow.....
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I've been gardening all morning in the cloudy cool weather. I begin to create my very first blog, and the sun comes out. Around here (the N.W. USA aka "the Great NW") it is a sin to be inside when the sun is out; unless, of course, you earn your living working indoors. Ah well, gotta go. I'm planting marigolds in an attempt to persuade the *#@#$ rabbit to get his meals elsewhere.

A rabbit nest was discovered at my workplace recently. The cute little rodents had their eyes open. I'd show you the picture I took of the nest, but I'm too cheap.
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