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Out on the Limb

Homeagain Homeagain Jiggity Jig

Friday, June 29, 2007

Has it really been early May since my last post?!! I've put 17,000 miles on my car since late April. Do I have stories...or what?!!

Soooo happy to be back in my friendly-familiar towncity of San Diego. Although people are basically the same everywhere, SanD fits me. I'm home again.

So. Where were we? I must say, I did not have a notebook (aka laptop) with me for this adventurous jaunt. I had hoped to log my travels via internet cafes, but heard far too many times that the cafe computer was broken, but "we have wifi"!!...(insert friendly smile)(sigh). I'm a desktop full-keyboard kinda gal. Oh, well.

I'll have to fill y'all in on my meanderings after-the-fact...but not today. Today's post contains generalities aka summaries, and most-of-all...thank you's for those who expressed well wishes along the way. To those of you who emailed me or left a comment on this blog, I am deeply grateful for your kind thoughts. You have given me energy and love when most needed. Thanks!!!

In general, I've learned (or re-learned):

* It was more about the journey than the destination. Really.

* People are the same everywhere. That being said, some places are more pleasant than others. I suppose if I lived in Kansas, I'd be grumpy too. (more on this in later journals)

* Wyoming is beautiful in mid-Spring. You have a 3-week window. Laramie, Yes. Rawlings, NO

* I got strong reactions about being a women camping alone cross-country. Reaction #1 was primarily (but not exclusively) from women: "WOW...good for you!!". Reaction #2 was primarily (but not exclusively) from men. Ummmmm. Best way to describe #2 (pun intended) is to say if you have ever read "Black Like Me" that's the feeling I got. I'm guessing there were some who ASS-UMED that a women camping alone is either a dyke (dike?) or a whore. I don't claim to be either, but even if I were......SO WHAT? My patience is worn thread-bare with the better-than-thou crap.

Moving on.

* I lay prone for hours on a floating dock while watching white pelicans with 9-foot wingspans soar over the Snake River; and saw waterfalls explode midway down from cliff's edge as H2O traveled thru leaky lava tubes.

* I went cave exploring (spelunking-sp?) and then shut off all my lights to experience total darkness (and...yes...I scared myself!) I squeezed thru narrow passages, slipped on wet footpaths, and saw a bat fly over my head upon my exit. I guess I scared the poor thing. I shouted "INCOMING" to others, with no response. :)

* I discovered that the young WOOFERS at the herb garden where better cooks than I. Thanks to their inspiration, I will re-teach myself and encourage others to eat healthier. Hey...Badger!...I made fruit/nut Irish soda bread today!! Love ya...you're the best. And Josh...I'll treasure my 4-leaf clover bouquet forever!! I love you both. Contact me any time for whatever reason. HUGS!

* I experienced an intimate moment of the passing of a cold front. (real time; nature; not TV simulated...you get the picture). Birds heralded the event. More on this later but I bring it up now 'cause it was really special.

* I purchased an inkle weaving loom from a long-lost childhood friend who also gave me free weaving lessons at her beautiful yarn store (pictures at later posting). I recall pre-teen days with this gal laughing and playing with the world as we saw it to be. What a joy to meet her again after all these years. Thank you, Pam, and thans to MySpace for connecting us.

* I witnessed sunrises and sunets and felt familiar white sand between my toes; and came eye-to-eye with crabs I at first thought were dead until I saw their eyes twitch within the seaweed clumps.

* I slogged in muddy riverbanks and wondered about Spring-nesting alligators and river levels low enough to leave boat docks stranded in mid-air.

* In the wild I saw: bats, coyotes, prairie dogs, racoon, owls, alligator, moose (3), antelope (including a stampede I unintentionally started), and a guy I dubbed "TEX with the BIG BIG pond". Trust me...he was wild.

* I traveled on roads where others waved at passers by...not because they were particularly friendly I suspect, but because they EXPECTED to know me!! Hello!!! Backroads, USA.

* I saw a black women whose red hat could have easily held a dozen fresh pineapple in it's rim. I regret missing getting that picture. She was fishing for bass; and I was avoding a State Park parking fee.... never mind.

* I heard and saw angried and hurried peoples of all descriptions. If you think you might be one of these types, I ask: It it worth it? (PS..FU to those who terrorize others with gas-guzzling monster vehicles and weaving driver habits risking us all. It appears to me it is not safe nor possible to travel AT speed limits in this country. Safe driving requires ABOVE speed limit travel. My routine is to travel at 5 ABOVE speed limit (except in Georgia). Apparently, that is not good enough. Someone somewhere will still spit on you and run you down like some low-down criminal. Road rage is out of control.

* I almost died in Salt Lake City and dreamt about the event (as is my gift/curse habit) beforehand. Ask me.

* And last, but not least, I participated in a peaceful no-contest divorce and now have a new last name.

I loved and I lived.
Was it worth it? Hell, yes.

Be well, folks.
When I get settled again in San Diego (in late August or early September?) I'll document my travels properly with pics and detailed stories. I have agreed to fly to Florida (cross country once again) to help a friend start a new business. More later.

All my love, w/a reminder to all: love yourselves; forgive yourselves (for whatever) and if forgiving yourself proves difficult, try to get to a zoo and watch the monkeys be monkeys. Therapy doesn't have to be expensive.
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