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Out on the Limb


Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 6th - house sold; said goodbye to property in morning. Goodbye wonderful house. Thank you for the beauty and joy.

July 7th - last day of work. I did not say goodbye to anyone because I gave NO NOTICE to my ratty Republican Bush-loving employers. They treated people as tho slaves and I am happy to have found the courage to leave them hanging. However, I did silently wish a few co-workers and friends goodbye. (and wrote them later). Good-riddance 10-year cubicle job!!

July 8th - I packed up my belongings while my husband was at work and went to stay with a friend. I left him a letter with his stuff. We were staying at a campsite in preparation for moving to San Diego. Now he knows I'm moving there ALONE.

July 11th - Angry husband makes abusive calls. I refuse to answer phone.

July 12th - Peaceful husband (the same guy as "angry husband") has had a true spiritual awakening and I am happy for us both.

July 13th - Husband stops in lawyer's office to sign separation papers and receives call that his father has had a heart attack. I join husband at the hospital. Victim pulls through OK.

July 14th and 15th - Husband and I laugh and cry and cry and laugh over the insanity of it all.

July 16th - My sons help me pack the truck.

July 17th thru 19th - On the road from Seattle to San Diego....yippeee!!!

July 20th - Unpack the truck in blistering heat....but I'm not complaining. Really.

Now I'm staying with sons while looking for a studio apartment to rent...after which I hope to sharpen my creative talents enough to earn my food and shelter; help the environment; and protest when I can. (There is plenty to protest about....)

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