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Out on the Limb

Update....as requested

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sorry for the time lapse, folks....and a special thanks to Cat Woman who takes an interest in my mis-adventures.

I don't have my own place yet. I spent the 1st week here getting to know various neighborhoods and resting. Then I got restless......and took a week's vacation to Arizona with my ex-husband in tow. I must be out of my mind!! haha Strickly platonic, I assure you. And so once again, I found myself laughing with a former lover over the insanity of it all. sigh. My ex (#1) and I have been divorced for 14 years....so all the garbage between us has long ago been hashed out (and re-hashed for good measure). Forgiveness is a powerful force. And, anyway, the trip to Arizona gave sons #1 and #3 a much needed break from parental supervision. It's a long story. Some other time maybe.

Arizona was beautiful. Now I feel settled enough to continue on my path of single-hood. Cat Woman asked how I'm doing with the separation and all. Ummmmm. Sometimes I wake up feeling lost and confused. But then I get connected to the idea of not sweating the small stuff---and it's all small stuff. I just want to live life fully; and so I venture out to meet people and participate. I'm an introvert by nature, so this takes a bit of effort but the rewards are wonderful because people are on the whole wonderful.

My ex (#2) is doing better than expected. I'm still happy for us both for how things are turning out. Still---it's a struggle. We were married for a good long time and there is much healing to tend to. Distance helps right now. However, my actions to leave him were not sudden. I just couldn't really risk talking about that part of my plan on this blog. And so, in a way, my healing began long ago when I made the decision to leave him and take better care of myself. He just wasn't getting it...and it's not my place to elaborate.

I've anchored myself to a local coffeeshop. What a wonderful feeling when they began pouring my cup of coffee as I walked in the door! Yes......it is fair trade coffee.

And speaking of fair....there will be a protest in Balboa Park this weekend against the war in Lebanon.

I'll do what I can to update this blog when something of interest happens. I'm low-person on the totem pole for computer use around here. I'm looking forward to my own little place.....a studio probably.

For the raindrop, joy is in entering the river. ~Ghalib
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