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Out on the Limb


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogger "Insomnia" has a collection of links from New Orlean's bloggers. I'm thinking of you guys....

Has it really been 5 days since I posted last? Good grief.
Realtor came and left. We meet again on Tuesday. I just don't know about them....
She didn't seem to be a good listener, and so I'm thinking "how will she treat the potential buyer?" hmmmm.
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Real Estate Agent Sells Biodiesel

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Remember the picture of the biodiesel truck in our home town? Brandon, who sells biodiesel, is also a real estate agent with Windermere. We met with him today.

Considering our goals, and our desire to give the property's selling fee to a progressive individual, I'm very excited about the prospect of doing business with "The D Team".

Progressive insurance. check. (recommended by Buy Blue. org)
The cat has a home. check.
We have lightened our load considerably. check.

Ready for the next step. Phew.
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bumps and bumpers

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hubby scraped up his leg when a full sheet of plywood slipped off the horse. Ouch!

Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

And today was the day I finally got all 21 bumper stickers on my car. I've never been a bumper sticker kind of person, but this particular car begs for them. And so....if I'm going to make a statement, I'm going to make it obvious. If you want to see the other car photos, please visit Flickr.
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Mini Adventures

Thursday, August 18, 2005

We took Smitty, in his pet box, to a couple of locations in town to find him a new home. While we were having lunch in the park, a ratty looking dog came trotting up. I see Smitty's panic-stricken eyes staring out the box. Smitty froze. Then it happened. Yup...the nasty little rat-dog lifted his leg and peed on the box. Poor Smitty. The good news is that the nicest lady check-out clerk at the grocery store will adopt Smitty in a couple of weeks after she moves! She is very anxious to give him a good home and I'm sure she will spoil him rotten. And Smitty won't have to share living space with any more dogs. Good karma, Smitty!
Smitty's new home
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

footprintsThe next day we were flooded with people coming to our moving sale. Why on Tuesday? What's up with that? We've had a sale going on for 2 or 3 weeks....and everybody decides Tuesday is the day? Anyway, one little boy darted into the house and ran across my newly painted floor. haha. Oh well. My own kids are off and about all over the world, and now I get to deal with someone elses bundle of trouble! haha
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

casey vigil 11 And last night husband and I went to the candlelight vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan and the other Camp Casey antiwar protesters. Our little town had quite a turnout. I hope this is a sign that America is finally waking up.
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

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the never-ending sale

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Originally uploaded by sand dragon.
We have paid for 2 separate ads in the "Little Nickel". Not much luck.

Now our sale items have been moved into the carport and out of our way in the house while we scramble to finish various tasks.

Whisper is on guard. (Yeah....right).

Today we sold the ice cream maker, an alarm clock, a BB gun, and the jigsaw.

Anybody want a trampoline?
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bowling ball RIP

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

bowling ball RIP
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.
I was no older than 15 when I got this bowling ball. So I have had it for 35 years or more.

Today I "planted" it under the grape vines. The lines you see belong to the hammock.

Where I'm going, my bowling ball can't follow.

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dead animal collection

Monday, August 08, 2005

dead animal collection
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.
Really....what is the point.
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Originally uploaded by sand dragon.
another corpse on display.
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Originally uploaded by sand dragon.
I got camera happy at our local hardware store.

(yes....this was on display at the hardware store. Smalltown, USA)
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Lost and Found

Saturday, August 06, 2005

To celebrate the return of our dog, Whisper, below is a family howling:
this is an audio post - click to play

Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

There was no Whisper to be found when we returned from work on Thursday. We spent the evening searching the neighborhood and roadsides. We knew something was wrong, because Whisper is scared of the dark and would never stay out after dark on her own.

Friday we went to work and called the animal shelter. Unable to gather data by phone, we traveled to the "pound" after work. No Whisper. Then our car died (and will remain dead, but that is another story). We road home in the tow truck.

Saturday was also a work day for us. But we were armed with "Lost" notices to post at various local spots. The 1st stop was at the general store, some 5 miles from our house. "YES!", they said. "Your dog was here. Some lady took her....we aren't sure where she lives."

Long story short: The kind dog watchers came back to the store and saw our notice and called.

Whisper is home. She cried and cried. She is sore and stiff. She hobbles when she walks. She is blocking the front door as she sleeps, determined that we never leave her again.

Message to Whisper: Don't ride with strangers! (We assume someone picked her up because we cannot imagine her walking the 5 miles to the store. This dog NEVER leaves the yard! and she is 11 years old.)

Thanks to all who sent well wishes.
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hello hello hello

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm just going to try to get away from myself for a little bit here.
There is just too much focus on me and my schedule and things and whatnot...
Need to come up for air.
Need a broader view
need to relax

So. What better way than to visit my friends.
Here are today's picks from the worldwide links in my sidebar.
Speaking of which, I have noticed that on Explorer, my sidebar has dropped pitifully to the bottom of my blog. On Firefox, all looks well. Another mystey to solve!!

Either way....I hope you take your mouse for a tour of my sidebar for these worthwhile sights:

UK, "The Fringe, Reclaiming Politics"
10:46 AM entry - releasing fear of living in London with a corny joke.

France, "Sigalon Valley"
That face always cheers me up; and the links are great too.

Egypt, "Somewhre under the bulgy bit"
This is a new addition linked my site. Provacative.

Canada, "Zaphod's Heads"
This guy is awesome. His site is energizing; and check out his music!

Zimbabwe, "Sokwanele"
Because we must not close our eyes to the pain and injustice.

and back to the UK again, "Plark"
Good news!!
If you are linked here, don't be hurt if I didn't list you. I'm a Gemini. My mood changes daily, if not hourly...like the weather!
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