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Out on the Limb

bumps and bumpers

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hubby scraped up his leg when a full sheet of plywood slipped off the horse. Ouch!

Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

And today was the day I finally got all 21 bumper stickers on my car. I've never been a bumper sticker kind of person, but this particular car begs for them. And so....if I'm going to make a statement, I'm going to make it obvious. If you want to see the other car photos, please visit Flickr.
posted by Deb, 8:25 PM


hi debbie.. how have you been?? its ages since i ahve seen or heard fomr you..btw do you get cought for sticking that up your car..??hahah

hope yours hubbs get well soon..

cheers.. and hit me back ya..
commented by Blogger pure T.O.N.E., 7:12 AM  
exciting to see you getting so close to realizing this great adventure/committment! and thanx for supporting the bamboosa guys! i know it's a long way from you, but it's exciting for us here in the dead ole south to see a progressive organization making a stand!

hope your final efforts go well!
commented by Blogger Hoyama, 2:07 PM  

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