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Out on the Limb

Lost and Found

Saturday, August 06, 2005

To celebrate the return of our dog, Whisper, below is a family howling:
this is an audio post - click to play

Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

There was no Whisper to be found when we returned from work on Thursday. We spent the evening searching the neighborhood and roadsides. We knew something was wrong, because Whisper is scared of the dark and would never stay out after dark on her own.

Friday we went to work and called the animal shelter. Unable to gather data by phone, we traveled to the "pound" after work. No Whisper. Then our car died (and will remain dead, but that is another story). We road home in the tow truck.

Saturday was also a work day for us. But we were armed with "Lost" notices to post at various local spots. The 1st stop was at the general store, some 5 miles from our house. "YES!", they said. "Your dog was here. Some lady took her....we aren't sure where she lives."

Long story short: The kind dog watchers came back to the store and saw our notice and called.

Whisper is home. She cried and cried. She is sore and stiff. She hobbles when she walks. She is blocking the front door as she sleeps, determined that we never leave her again.

Message to Whisper: Don't ride with strangers! (We assume someone picked her up because we cannot imagine her walking the 5 miles to the store. This dog NEVER leaves the yard! and she is 11 years old.)

Thanks to all who sent well wishes.
posted by Deb, 4:30 PM


I'm so glad everything turned out well. You just go along living your life, and suddenly things like this happen to remind you of what your priorities really are.
commented by Blogger milad, 1:08 PM  
When I lost my dog it was like a limb had been amputated. I never got her back either. She would have passed on by now but I missed her terribly.
commented by Blogger Colin, 8:35 PM  
I love this story.
I've read it several times.
Especially the happy ending.
She has good karma.

Maybe you have already said but I didn't read, will she go with you?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:49 PM  
Hi Tara,
Absolutely! Whisper will go with us. She is stressed watching all the activity around here. But I know she will enjoy her new lifestyle with us. She will even go to the weekend events with us! Thanks for visiting.
commented by Blogger Deb, 6:38 AM  

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