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Out on the Limb

Target Date

Thursday, July 28, 2005

OK.....August 22nd sounds like a feasible goal for listing the house.

That gives us 4 whole weekends to work on THE LIST. Whatever isn't done by then...screw it.

Please visualize my husband and I on the road doing good in and for the world.
Plans? Well, we have plans....several in fact....on how to earn our keep. But then there is always the unknown. Because, really, the goal is to help, and helping WHO and HOW depends, in part, on WHO and WHAT we run across, both online and on the road.

I'm very anxious to get started. I feel emotionally pregnant...ready to explode with energies. Office work is so very dead. The global poverty, nuclear disarmament, the health of Earth and its poor battered animals are calling my name. We are needed. All of us are needed, and that's a good thing (unless we ignore the calling).

Geez, I never was any good at picking one thing at the expense of another. Well, we will see what happens.
posted by Deb, 12:34 PM


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