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Out on the Limb

Flurry of Activity

Sunday, July 17, 2005

flurry of activity
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.
I have spent the last several days monitoring my emotions, as they have run the gamut. Tension built throughout the week and our youngest prepared to travel to distant lands. His plane left on Saturday. Of course, I've known for months this day would arrive. Actually, I've known this day would come since all three sons were born.

And now....and now it is also time for my husband and I to be moving in new directions. Regular readers know of our plans to sell our home and travel this great country in an RV. Fortunately, biodiesel will make this morally feasible for us.

Updates since I last blogged:
Our moving ad was submitted today; and we will get calls beginning Wednesday. This is the first of two sales. Our house is not listed yet, so we must hang on to the necessities a bit longer.

Whisper (our Blue Heeler) is very curious as to what we are up to. She is not taking her eyes off us.

Here's the current plan:
  • The house sells
  • We buy the diesel truck (Chevy medium C4500?)
  • and get the hitch put on
  • We look for our favorite 5th wheel, a Mountaineer bunkhouse
  • and drive it to Spokane for installation of the Datastorm satellite receiver
  • then we head south to continue to adventure.
  • Installation of the solar panels will not be until arrival in Scottsdale, AZ
We look forward to meeting people and selling our wares. As summer closes, fleamarkets will be our primary market. Eventually, our products will be displayed online as well as on the sidewalk.

That is all.
posted by Deb, 9:16 PM


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