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Out on the Limb

Frog Omens

Monday, July 04, 2005

After the little frog hopped past the keyboard, I began wondering about frog omens.
I discovered frogs are
"a positive omen in all ways. Whether you saw them, held them, heard them, or ate them, they signify happiness, success in your profession, and true friends."
That's good! I'll take it. If the omen had been disagreeable, I would have just kept moving on....

P.S. Please don't eat the little froggies. That can't be good for either them or us.
Fate of amphibians may be telling.
posted by Deb, 6:42 AM


I just went on lunch from work, me and my coworker hopped in my car and took off...while driving I notice a bright green tree frog just sittin on the top of my dash. I don't know how it got there either since i never leave my windows open or anything like that. When we parked we let him out and he hopped off. I guess he was just there for the transportation. So i also started wondering about what a frog omen might mean. I'm still confused on how he got in.

-Mercury Max
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:49 PM  
A similar situation happened to me! I had just been stopped by the local police, and given a warning for failure to inspect my vehicle, which was, but sticker not placed. So, my son and I drove off, and a small little tree frog had decided to join us for a ride outside my window door. We didn't want him to fall off, so we drove extremely slowly till we got home. We carefully took him off the car door, and my son released him into the woods. Later that afternoon, I had to leave the house again, and I pulled out off the diveway, and got almost to the end of the street, and there was a tree frog sitting inside where my spedometer is! I guess it was the same one? But the whole thing is just so bizarre to me!!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:52 PM  
there was a treefrog sitting on my doorknob which was really strange since it sat there perched, while perfectly still... I could have sworn it was a synthetic rubber frog,,, It jumped when I touched it and it pissed all over the place, my mobile phone got soiled with urine. Could anyone please tell me what the meaning of this is?
commented by Blogger ld.thomas77, 9:40 AM  
it means....
take a break from work :)
commented by Blogger Deb, 4:15 PM  
me too.. i just had a frog on my door step an moved him or her onto the grass. when i went back outside he was on the chair, i then moved him again onto the grass. he is now on an ortiment with no desire to leave. after reading this article im feeling lucky :)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:13 AM  
We just hot home from church and a little froggy was there to greet us. I was happy to see him I moved him to the grass. He was reluctant to go. I have a cat though and didn't want her to get him.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:18 PM  
We had a frog sitting on the screen door, then a few days later we found it in the house and released it back outside. A few weeks later my sister talked about a frog that sits outside her car/"follows" her. Then today I went into town to the grocery store and while waiting there was a frog on my car hood. We then released this frog down by the dock. I just found it "weird" since this is out of the blue occurrences.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:17 AM  
A couple of weeks ago I found a little frog in the kitchen. I caught him and set him outside. Tonight I was watering my houseplants and found a little frog hibernating in my philodendron. Very unexpected and adorable. Plus, it's a good omen! It's November and I live in central Illinois, btw.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:46 PM  

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