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Out on the Limb

pink rose

Monday, June 27, 2005

pink rose
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.
My rose plant is dreadfully neglected. Years ago, I bought several potted roses and planted them in a row behind the chicken coop fence. I quickly discovered that deer love eating roses. Now I just have this one rose plant tucked at the base of a large cedar stump. This small plant faithfully puts out one to three beautiful blossoms yearly. I missed peak energy level for this flower. There are 2 buds remaining...assuming the deer leave them for me.

But not all is coming up roses. (Sorry...I couldn't resist!)

We are still doing all possible to prepare for selling the house and moving fulltime into a 5th wheel RV. And so, today's list of to-do's:

Make appt with no-kill cat shelter
Called. Gal who makes appointments isn't in today. Bump task to Tuesday.

Call phone company re: static
Hmmmm. static problem began just before graduation week chaos. Message machine craps out. This problem has been non-stop.....until today. All seems good again. Arghhhh....do I call the phone company and make appointment to have lines checked, or not? I can't put ads in the Little Nickel if the phone doesn't work........

Call tax people / Questions about how sale of house will affect taxes.
Nope. Only open 1 day a week during off-season. Bump task to Wednesday.

Call County Assessors re: recent notice of changed property values.
Q: Why did one parcel quadruple on land value, and the other parcel decreased by almost half?
A: The parcel with the house on it was just calculated differently. The property was looked at as a whole (both parcels together); and the fact that one went up and the other down is a non-issue because taken together...everything went up.
OK...I guess.

Call car insurance / take son's car off (he is going to Mexico for a few months)
Ooops...wait. Sale of car delayed because I can't find the title.

Tuesday: Stop by title company and find out about replacing the title.

Call County Auditors re: name change / how to proceed and what documents to bring
I'm told: "That is a legal question and we can't answer legal questions."
????? Huh? This is not logical. failure to compute....

Finish prep new RV monthly budget
health insurance costs?
finish wash and pack canning jars
tell family I love them
pat the dog
speak out against Bush&co/war
finish laundry
patch small hole in wall
posted by Deb, 1:19 PM


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