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Out on the Limb


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Various life updates:
My ex-husband rolled his car yesterday and was airlifted to Seattle. We don't know the extent of his injuries; but we are going now to visit.

I'll be away from the computer a couple of days, I think. Although I will probably seek out an internet cafe so that I can keep son #1 in China informed on his father's condition.

Son #2 will be here in a few days...or he may bump his schedule up to arrive sooner.

Son #3 is not used to being "brotherless". This is the 1st time in his life that one brother or another has not been in his general locale. He is adapting quite well to the changes, as we must all learn to do sooner or later.

Until I return......
posted by Deb, 7:57 AM


Hope hubby recovers quickly! We'll be thinking of you!
commented by Blogger Hoyama, 10:20 AM  
Thanks for your kind thoughts. He was very lucky. Nothing serious broken. Now he must wait for time to heal. Looks like he may be out of the hospital tomorrow.
commented by Blogger Deb, 8:50 PM  

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