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Out on the Limb

Mini Poll Results

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Creative Commons photo
Thanks for sharing, bbass74

Originally uploaded by bbass74.

And thanks to all 16 participants of my recent minipoll. Here are the results to my question, "What should we do?"

WINNER with 10 votes (63%)
"Buy a motorhome and raid the fridge while driving."

RUNNER UP with 4 votes (25%)
"You are SO right, Deb...buy the 5th wheel."

THIRD PLACE with 2 votes (13%)
"Become a motorcycle mama, baby"

LOSER with ZERO votes
"Stay where you are and stop this insanity."
It's nice to know you are all so adventurous!
Speaking of adventure, there was a dramatic rescue in our neck of the woods today. One of my co-workers is a Search & Rescue member, and helped find this man.

posted by Deb, 5:39 PM


Deb, check out wheatridge.blogspot.com. i think you'll find it interesting.
commented by Anonymous stephen gordon, 3:07 PM  
No, Stephen...your Bible thumping blog doesn't interest me in the least.

Actually, I'm pretty darn tired of having Christianity shoved at me from all directions.
commented by Blogger Deb, 4:55 PM  

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