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Out on the Limb


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Practicing and understanding good habits to inspire creativity is just one of the hurdles I face this year. Since this is a year of big changes, there are several more hurdles to navigate. If you are hoping to be hurdle-free at some point in your life...good luck! Hurdles are not necessarily obstacles, though. There are several methods of dealing with metaphorical hurdles:

For the dramatic type: Get a good running start and breeze gracefully over the hurdle in full view of all.
For the manipulative type: Lower the bar on the hurdle
Thinking outside the box: Change direction
Energy conservation: Go around the hurdle rather than over
Bush Administration: Lie about the existence of the hurdle
Type A personalities: Redefine the hurdle as an opportunity to excel

Can you think of others?..........

OK....excuse me while I practice my hurdles. The following is a personal exercise to help me understand some of the artistic processes I struggle with.

This is a test...it is only a test.
Please visit the link if you wish to see the long version.

Don't Stop at the End
I'm already a pro at this suggestion because one thing leads to another...and another...and

Plan Your Next Work Time

I recently began doing this again when I realized I was stressing about being overwhelmed. Planning helps me focus on the task at hand rather than fretting over the many tasks calling my name.



Act on Inspirations

This is one of those hurdles in which I try to lower the bar. Sometimes fear gets in my way, and I try to pretend an idea wasn't all that inspirational anyway (and usually I'm right....except for the part about avoiding the action).

Get Out Those Notes

Oh....those notes!

Do Anything!

Easier said than done when I've been seized with a fit of depression. But, yes, doing "anything" is the way.



Take Notes, Clip Ideas

This I also do, but then when I am swimming in the mess of paperwork and files on top of files I begin to wonder why I do these things.

Choose Any Idea

See "Do Anything" above

Try a Series

I fantasize about someday having a series of uninterrupted weeks...by the beach...on an island...no phone...no email....pushing crackers into my mouth on occasion just to stay alive while I delve into an artistic fit of creativity eventually emerging from the retreat emotionally spent but fully satisfied. Was that a run-on sentence?

Honor the Modest Inspiration

Wise words



Beware of Critics

This is still risky business for me, and I've been slowly culturing an attitude over the years that protects me from the critics.

Give Yourself a Break

posted by Deb, 7:01 PM


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