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Out on the Limb


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

We had a staff meeting at the office today. Big boss man attended...a rare treat. It seems he is unhappy about some bickering going on amongst the staff. So he said that in his opinion, any bickering should be handled in one of three ways (I took notes for once)

1) Those with complaints will be told to mind their own business, because their complaint really doesn't concern them.

2) Those with complaints will be told to take their issues outside of the office. We are here to work. Time spent bickering is counterproductive.

3) Those with complaints will be told to go home and think about it.

Deb's translation: "There will be no dispute resolution in this office."

No...we do not have a personnel department. Yes...there is an office manager. Last time I went to her with a complaint, she ran out of the office crying. But, then, I sometimes have that effect on people. So the office manager (who is married to one of the owners) no longer handles grievences, and the job has reverted back to the former office manager (now VP) with the above 1-2-3 warnings. Actually, I haven't had any co-worker complaints for several weeks. Someone else must have upset the apple cart this round.

I am stock-piling pies so that I can resolve my future grievances without bothering management. Um....that was a baaaaaddd thought. In the interest of peace, I've decided to follow this advice instead:

Originally uploaded by sillydog.
This sign was made especially for the March 20 protest in Portland.
Please visit sillydog who originally uploaded the pie graphic. Thank you for participating with creative commons and sharing your pictures with us, sillydog!

Lest you think I am feeling sorry for myself....no way! I am so fortunate to have a house I can sell to leave this dead-end job and follow my dreams instead.

Some of the less fortunate can be found at this West African floating hospital. Please consider a contribution if you can. The blog provides information on how to help.
posted by Deb, 4:56 PM


Honestly those were no advices. You all office workers should get together and tell the office manager how to resolve disputes properly.

Thanks for the link to that nice site. Reading such sites really make us appreciate everything.
commented by Blogger KL, 5:23 PM  
Yes, it has been an ongoing problem. The managers have gone to several conferences regarding employee management. Fly here$. Fly there$.

Some battles are not worth fighting. For me, this is one of them because to do so would consume many years of my time and energy in the courts.

I have already tried the normal route of pointing out some discrepancies in their thinking. That is what got me put on probation last month. Lesson learned: complain and you risk losing your job.

Same story everywhere....the oppressed and the oppressors. Why? Because they can.
commented by Blogger Deb, 6:06 PM  

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