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Out on the Limb

13 Hours Away

Monday, May 09, 2005

Son #1 got to China. Although he sent me a note saying "got here"...this is his first real news:
"The students are High Schoolers and rowdy as hell. Its been an
emotional roller coaster ride because I was tossed into the classroom
with no books or information or direction. They just said make the
students speak english."
I wish I could have seen him trying to teach his first class. By first class...I mean, anywhere ever...English or otherwise. And he speaks no Chinese.

I will not be posting all his news here, but he has his own blog at Superhighway Crumbs (also in my "China" links). John is scheduled to be in Jiaxing for two months before teaching elsewhere in China.
posted by Deb, 9:06 PM


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