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Out on the Limb

simple is as simple does

Friday, May 06, 2005

I was visiting Karen's Belize Blog today. Karen says,
"In Belize things are so simple. People don't have much but they are happy.

Spending a bit of time in the Dallas airport on my way home, I was bombared by tonnes of shops and food places and I watched as everyone rushed around stuffing their faces, buying "things" yet still looking miserable. I think I suffered a bit of sensory overload!

I have learned the very valuable lesson of what it is like to live a simple life and how little you really need to live. I just hope that I can carry the lesson of simple living with me whenever I do leave Belize....we'll see."
Part of the reason my husband and I are willing and able to leave this beautiful house and land behind is the recognition that we don't really own it. We are missing out on life trying to maintain the mortgage payments and keep up with the yardwork.

Everything we posses takes maintenance of one kind or another.

less possessions = more time

Yes, we will still need to earn a living. But our new planned budget is more conducive to the ebb and flow of life rather than the daily grind.
We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
George Carlin
posted by Deb, 4:24 PM


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