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Out on the Limb


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

In my quest to explore green options, I've come across a couple of good links I wanted to share:

1) Vivavi
"Vivavi is the definitive eco-modern lifestyle brand uniting modern living with environmental consciousness."
2) City Hippy
"The diary of our struggle to live a green and fair life."
City Hippy interviewed the founder of Vivavi, Josh Dorfman, who has this to say:
"...always remember that you’'re a trailblazer and an inspiration. As a green entrepreneur you touch the lives of many people who you don’'t know and may never meet. They'’re rooting for you to succeed and your success gives them the confidence to pursue their own dreams."
Thanks for being trailblazers, guys.
Speaking of links...there has been a bit of trouble brewing in Belize lately. You can follow what little news there is from Simone's and Karen's blogs.
posted by Deb, 7:39 PM


Hi there

Thanks for calling City Hippy a trail-blazer...no one has ever called us that before and it makes us very proud...takes one to know one ;)

We love what you are doing on your blog and have linked to your blog from ours (to reciprocate you linking to us).

Perhaps we could persuade you to write something for our collective?

Let us know...


City Hippy
commented by Blogger City Hippy, 9:30 AM  

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