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Out on the Limb

Stepping Stones to Nomadness

Sunday, April 17, 2005

My friend from My Meandering Thoughts invited me over for tea, as long as I bring the cookies. I'm bringing jalebis. Yumm!! When I lived in Chicago, I would indulge the family with this treat a few times a year. Enjoy!

I love experiencing different places, cultures, foods, etc. I started thinking about a few of the milestones in my life that may have contributed to my nomadness. ("nomad-ness"...not "no-madness" :)

Age 2 mos: My parents are forced to move as flood waters from the Delaware River invade our apartment. According to my mother, I laughed heartily throughout that adventure.

Age 3: We move from New Jersey to Florida. I am overwhelmed with the vastness of the world. And NO WAY could the Easter Bunny cover that territory in one night.

Pre-Teen: My father begins traveling as part of his job requirement. The family tags along to various parts of the U.S. each summer. I begin to have a greater awareness and appreciation for various cultures.

Young Adult: I marry a man who shares my sense of adventure. We move from Florida to Chicago. (Oops! I forget to take into account various other personality traits...)

Young Mother: Three sons and 7 years later, we move from Chicago to Washington State. I love it here, and put down some roots so that the boys learn to nourish and value friendships. Husband #1 becomes a casualty of my youthful ignorance.

Now: The youngest son is graduating High School in a few weeks, and my roots are retracting like cat claws. It's a good thing husband #2 shares my sense of adventure.
posted by Deb, 2:12 PM


Ummm...yeah! hot jalebi with hot tea or coffee (though in India, we prefer tea) goes hand in hand. Do you know how to cook this? From, whatever I saw and learned (though never cooked it myself), it looks very simple to do.

Ah! then I will also introduce you to other Indian sweets and "samosas", and "pakoras" (the last two are not sweet, and more like snacks), and of course "chanachurs" and "dalmuts."

Uh! come quickly. My mouth is becoming watery; otherwise, everything will go to my stomach :):).
commented by Blogger KL, 5:22 PM  

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