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Out on the Limb

Pros and Cons

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

RV vs. 5th Wheel. There are many good articles listing various pros and cons for consideration. Right now, it looks like we will purchase a 5th wheel similar to the one below:


We started out thinking that an RV would be our choice. Primarily, I liked the idea of not having to hassle with hooking and unhooking the truck needed for a 5th. It also sounded much more comfortable to be in our house while traveling, instead of watching it bop along behind us.

However, we plan on paying a portion of our bills by selling prints and postcards at weekend craft shows. This means we need to haul to outdoor shows:
the product
the canopy (10' x 10')
lawn chairs
and whatever Whisper needs for a day of people watching and ass sniffing.

Undoubtedly, the RV will not always be able to pull right up to the vendor spot allocated. So....if we buy an RV, we would need to also buy a rig to tow. With that set-up, we have the expense of two engines to maintain. Buying a 5th wheel means one engine. Also, I've heard that the resale value is a bit higher for a fifth wheel, although I imagine the depreciation rate would be high for both types.

So that's our logic. What do you think?
posted by Deb, 7:01 PM


What about the fuel cost and maintenance cost between the two? Perhaps if you take these two into considerations and think about long terms, you might find that one is being cheaper than the other. Also, do you really have to put up such an elaborate tent while selling cards? You can just put a folding table and some folding chairs. And, I think you can usually put those inside a RV. Can't you?
commented by Blogger KL, 7:43 AM  
Good questions, kl
So I'm addressing them in the next new post. Thanks!!
commented by Blogger Deb, 5:02 PM  

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