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Out on the Limb

RV Forum Community

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

We have joined a very helpful online forum for RVers. We have so many questions; and I know that some questions I wouldn't even know to ask! The subject of sway bars would be a good example of what I don't know to ask about. At RV Forum Community, many people are ready and willing to lend a hand.

Which reminds me...although the forum is free, and people give of their time willingly, I know that there are costs involved with running the forum. I will gladly contribute to this valuable resouce of knowledge from the experienced RVers.

I love computers. I wouldn't dream of leaving it behind!
Other progress today included looking up info at lunchtime on our current dream truck...the GMC C4500. Yowee! We hauled 2 boxes of rummage to work with us, only to get to the drop-off site 4 minutes too late. We bought a CD case to conserve space. (We currently keep our music CD's in the little boxes they come in.) And I visited my new friends at RV Forum Community. I'm a happy camper today! Well...a happy wannabe camper, anyway.
posted by Deb, 6:55 PM


Thank you for sharing the info on the RV Forum and your kind words about our Framily. We enjoy meeting new friends who are interested in RVing so hope you will make the RV Forum a regular stop while online.

The RV Forum Community has been online for over 15 years and is one of the longest running RV online communities around.

We welcome new members and encourage everyone's joining in.


Steve CDN Rver
RV Forum Volunteer Staff
commented by Anonymous Steve Cdn Rver, 6:46 PM  

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