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Out on the Limb

Boondocks (the boonies)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

This is the home we will be leaving in the not-so-distant future. The view is looking north; and the picture was taken from the back yard fenceline. You see grass. I see kids playing catch.

The tallest tree in this picture is not the tallest on the property. We are in the boonies...several miles away from the nearest general store.

It's not that we don't like people. We do!! But I never really wanted a home with neighbors too close. They can be quite....uh....annoying.

That's part of the reason we want to boondock in the RV as much as possible. I do enjoy peace and quiet. Having solar panels on the RV will also help keep the peace and quiet. Right now we are looking at buying Noah's package from RV Solar Electric (reference from Tioga and George).
posted by Deb, 7:13 PM


Woow! what a lovely home and place to live. I was born and brought up in Calcutta, a huge metropolitan city in India. But, I never like city-life; I would love to have a house (a much smaller one though) in some place like yours.

Aren't you sad to leave this house? OH! well, we all have to leave everything in this world :-( :-(

However, how is the safety and crime? That's what scares me to live in a very lonely place.
commented by Blogger KL, 7:57 AM  

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