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Out on the Limb

Building a New Life

Friday, April 15, 2005

I know which way is up, and I know an exit when I see one.
With your help, I can get from here to there.
posted by Deb, 8:01 PM


In your poll, I don't understand the meaning of buying a .. and raiding a fridge, so can't vote.

However, I think (if you can afford and if you think you won't problems regarding health, finance, etc.), you should buy a RV or 5-wheeler and travel around. Go and visit, the whole USA, canada, South America. Travelling opens our eyes. And, also we have only one life to see the beauty of our planet and enjoy it.
commented by Blogger KL, 4:48 PM  
Hi KL...thanks for popping over.

Yes, it's really an awkward mini-poll. It is my first!

In a motor home, the driver sits IN the home because the home has a motor...and so all parts of the home are available to passengers while traveling.

A 5th wheel is a home being towed by a truck, and so "home" is inaccessible while traveling.

Both are called "RV's" or Recreational Vehicles.

I'll be by your place later....with some old tea bags :)
commented by Blogger Deb, 5:03 PM  

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