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Out on the Limb

Sliding Off The Lily Pad

Monday, April 18, 2005

I see our front-doorstep frog has slid off the lily pad. My youngest son placed the frog by the door a couple of years ago. The battery-powered frog has a motion sensor; and the frog lets loose with a loud (AUDIO BLOG PENDING) when the motion detector is triggered.

The first time I encountered Mr. Frog, I nearly jumped out of my skin. That is exactly the reaction my son was seeking, of course! Goodbye Mr. Frog.

HELP!! Can anyone help me get a .wav file from Windows Media Player to my new audio clip which is currently in draft status? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
posted by Deb, 5:58 PM


It's a cute frog :). And, those seems like herbs - parsleys. Are they?
commented by Blogger KL, 7:33 PM  
Thanks. No, just weeds. The parsely is...yonder.
commented by Blogger Deb, 8:26 PM  
I will ask my husband Sray to help you. Can you send him an email (sray@rocketmail.com) or leave a comment on his blog (http://www.scithought.blogspot.com) telling him all the details - like where is your .wav file located, and exactly what sort of help you required, and he will do it gladly. He is only responsible for all those audioblogs and everything on my page :):).
commented by Blogger KL, 9:20 AM  

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