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Out on the Limb

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Good news! Nikalai is coming to Seattle!

I have followed Nikalai's adventures for several months... before he got the job on a cruise ship. Now I have heard that the Sapphire Princess will be in the Seattle port in a couple of weeks. He has invited me to pop over to say hello, which I certainly plan to do.

nikalai.com is permanently linked under "Romania".

Here is a link to a live cam from the bridge of the Sapphire Princess; and more details about SP, such as the "Hearts and Minds wedding chapel with cruise industry's only wedding-at-sea program where passengers can be married by the ship's captain."

But the ship and all its glitz and frills are just things. And things are not nearly as fascinating or worthy as people. Nikalai is a personable and positive-thinking young man who takes responsibility for his destiny. We were just talking about positive thinking at spyder_z, my new Malaysian link, and at My Meandering Thoughts blogged by KL, a faithful reader of Out on the Limb.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I am very fortunate to be a part of the global community.
posted by Deb, 8:40 PM


Yes, I love to be in this global community. I wish all these restrictions for visiting other countries, all these artificial boundaries, everything go away and we all become an united world.

But, I don't think that will ever happen :(:(
commented by Blogger KL, 6:32 AM  
Hi Deb, I was browsing for something, and i reached your blog writing such nice things about me. To be honest, i no longer work for Princess, but it was a great experience. Thank you for all your nice words, and i'm sorry for not having the chance to drink a cup of coffee together, to know each other. I still have the www.nikalai.com website, and i have posted there most of the pictures from my adventures onboard Sapphire. I should start blogging again, and i think i will do it soon. Thank you again for your nice words and for your support.

Take care Deb.

Your romanian friend Nikalai
commented by Blogger Nikalai, 2:00 PM  

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