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Out on the Limb


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My troubles just got put into perspective with this hair-raising bit from BBC news:
A five-year-old Shropshire boy discovered a live two-foot snake in his box of breakfast cereal. His mother said he was still in shock and not eating.
Below is a picture I took near our front door a couple of years ago. This grass snake is eating a slug.
Washington State is the slug capital of the world. I guess slugs aren't as tasty as snails to humans, because I don't hear of anyone putting slugs on the barbie.
posted by Deb, 6:21 AM


Goodness gracious! How did that snake end up in that cereal box? No wonder I usually don't like hotdogs or any kind of burgers - you never know what sort of meat get minced into those.

Hmm..I never thought that Washington had snakes. For some reasons in my mind, I've Washington and Alaska free of snakes.
commented by Blogger KL, 8:05 AM  
KL, Perhaps you have heard that western Washington does not have any poisonous snakes, a fact that is unique in the continental U.S.

Florida, on the other hand, has four:

coral snake
watermouth mocassin

I have stories!
commented by Blogger Deb, 5:02 PM  
If I saw that scene happening on my front porch I would have watched for HOURS. Did you get any video?
commented by Blogger Justin, 5:58 PM  
Yes, I love watching nature at work.

We don't own a video cam. The snake hadn't unhinged his jaws yet and so was able to slither with his prey out of my sight. I was only able to get a few pictures. My dog was not helping either.
commented by Blogger Deb, 6:39 PM  
I used to live in Florence, Oregon (on the coast just over from Eugene) and we had a Slug Festival every year, complete with slug races - the first one to move won. We didn't eat them, but I heard that in the Russian River Valley somewhere was a slug festival that featured recipes contests... !
commented by Blogger Hoyama, 11:30 AM  

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