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Out on the Limb

My Cow Accident

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I was folding laundry when I glanced out the large picture window to see a cow staring at me. He was only 10 yards from the house, so I went to get my camera. Meanwhile, our cow dog, Whisper, remained fast asleep.

When I got back to the window, the cow had moved another 20 yards back. I decided I needed to lean out the side window of the living room to get a good shot. And so it was that I sat on the curtain which yanked the rod from the wall to fall upon my head.

It's not every day one has a cow accident. I got the shot, though. This is the culprit in our backyard.

The cow bolted back to his pasture. It takes more than one cow to have a stampede...right?
stampede - n. 1) A sudden frenzied rush of panic-stricken animals
I liked it better when the neighbors kept horses. Horses smell better. Yes, I admit it. I have a cow prejudice.

The neighbors only keep a half dozen head; and most days the wind blows eastward...away from us.
posted by Deb, 6:30 PM


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