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Out on the Limb

Recalling Nausea

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I was curious to see the RV industry's recall history and found a site titled RV Advice Neato Info!.

Naturally, there are horror stories:
"...contact could create a shearing force across the bolts, allowing the axles to separate from the travel trailer..."
My favorite:
"...causing the support arms to break without warning, possibly causing seperation between the towing vehicle and the trailer..."
Can you imagine seeing your home pass you on the highway?

The site also provides a simple home remedy for motion sickness:
A British scientific study found that ginger is more effective than Dramamine in stopping motion sickness. You can purchase candied ginger in Asian food markets and chew on it while traveling, or you can buy ginger supplements in a health food store, then take two 500-milligram capsules about an hour before embarking on your trip and one or two more capsules every four hours while you're traveling.
Ginger tea works well for nausea also. Fortunately, neither my husband nor I are prone to motion sickness.

posted by Deb, 8:16 PM


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