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Out on the Limb

Still Searching

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Has it really been 3 whole days since I posted? Now isn't that interesting! I post a clever little piece about hurdles, and then I run smack into one. haha!

UPDATED 6-4-05:
The stats for weights and water capacities were not readily available online or in the brochures, even tho the 319BHS model is already a year old a few months old. We received an email reply to our questions from the manufacturer regarding the stats; but the info has not yet been updated on the Keystone website; but then I just recently heard back from Keystone. As you may recall from my earlier posting, we would want the stats to be public knowledge before purchasing the 319BHS.

The missing stats for the 319BHS are as follows:
UVW - 9690
CC - 2240
Hitch - 1770
Length - 35' 5"
Height 12' 9"
The remainder of the data is listed at Keystone's Mountaineer specs page.

We began considering a travel trailer but soon returned to the 5th wheel as the better option. The overlap between the 5th and the truck conveniently reduces the total length nose to tail by several feet.
posted by Deb, 8:21 PM


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