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Out on the Limb


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I recently learned about AVM's: "Automated Valuation Model"

Essentially, an AVM does the job of a home appraiser....sort of. It is a handy tool to help determine the value of your home prior to sitting down with the realtor. After all, we want to be well informed about what sale price we think is best.

Although we attempted to use the AVM linked above, the report came back "not enough data available". We were not charged for an incomplete report. The "no data" status was no surprise, as we are very rural and our property size does not compare with others in the valley. We have had the house appraised a couple of times previously, and the appraisers were at pains to find a comparison. In fact, they couldn't...and had to wing it. But that's what they get paid to do.
In other news, British Gas is selling a household sized wind turbine.
Russia also has a household wind turbine called the BREEZE 5000.

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