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Out on the Limb

carrot poppers

Monday, May 03, 2004

I'm still working the garden...in for a breather. The forecast was for cloudy and rain, but we again have sun. It is an auspicious day. Already I have seen a hummingbird dive bomb a crow. There must be a hummingbird nest nearby. I have always wanted to see a hummingbird nest, but the odds are against me.

Also, during a water break, I plopped myself down in the path and stared at the patch of ground where the carrots are planted. All I see is dirt, but I keep staring. Eventually I see a teeny tiny speck of green. I look closer...and see a pair of teeny tiny green leaves. The plant is so small it must have broke surface this morning. Perhaps I was close to witnessing its birth. I wonder what the odds are of seeing a carrot plant pop out of the ground. The odds would be real good if that is all I had to do all day! The plant reminds me of the starfish pose in yoga. Arms stretched, face to the sun, shouting "here I am!" as I feel the joy and wonder of life on this planet...feet firmed planted in the soil.
P.S. I hope the new plant isn't a weed! Of course, even vegetables are weeds...that we humans favor.
posted by Deb, 10:16 AM


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