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Out on the Limb


Friday, May 07, 2004

Some months ago I read a parable which I can no longer find to relate to you. However, I believe my memory cells have retained the gist of the parable and perhaps you may find the story of benefit. I did. The story goes something like this:

Three men were fishing in the wilderness. On this particular day, the fishermen could see the hut of an old hermit. They had heard that the hermit had lived alone for many years seeking enlightenment and that he was very wise. The fishermen decided to pay the hermit a visit.

The men had a pleasant visit, as the hermit was very kind and gracious. They spoke of many things, and it seemed to the fishermen that the hermit was indeed very wise. One of men asked the hermit how he came to be so wise. The hermit replied that he recited "Om Mani Padme Hum" countless times. "That is good," replied the man, "but you are saying this mantra incorrectly"; and the man proceeded to instruct the hermit on the proper method of recitation.

Some time later, the hermit's guests bade farewell and got into their boat to continue fishing. When they were some distance from shore, they saw the hermit walking on the water to join them. When the hermit was near, he said "How do you say that mantra again?"

"Never mind," said the fishermen.
When I get caught up with the notion that I must perform a task "properly", I may postpone that task indefinitely. A-#1 procrastinator...that's me! So my fear-based habits of procrastination hinder any progress I might make.

The moral of the story for me is: Just do it! (He who hesitates is lost)
posted by Deb, 10:33 AM


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