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Out on the Limb

Cliff Tigers

Monday, May 10, 2004

I was just admiring a spectacular photo of a monastery in Bhutan (Taktsang Monastery aka Tigers Nest). Looks like a great place for a B&B, but I don't see any way for a taxi to drop me off. A donkey would be helpful since I don’t have a flying tiger.....LET’S GO!

The urge to hit the road is upon me. This urge might have something to do with me cleaning closets this afternoon. O’Gawd...anything but that! I love to travel though. It doesn’t take a dirty closet to push me ought of the house.

The thing about photos is that I always imagine mid-70’s weather. Even if the image shows rain...in my mind it is still mid-70 Fahrenheit. And if the image shows snow/ice, then the cabin with the fire going is just around the bend. I’m not one of those grumpy want-everything-perfect types though. I’ll take what I get. It’s the people, and the food.....smells..noise. It’s the expectation of the titillation of my 5 senses that keeps me yearning for the next journey.

I wonder if being born in Spring encourages individuals to learn to love exploring. Perhaps the population ratio for adventurous travelers is a bit higher for us Spring babies. It seems to me Spring babies have the advantage(?) of being outdoors more often due to nice weather just as we are becoming aware of our surroundings. Surely, someone somewhere has done a study...at taxpayers expense. yes?
posted by Deb, 4:22 PM


I'm a winter baby with an extreme urge to travel and get away. But I atribute it more to my upbringing than to season of birth. But I think your theory is nice and would have loved to be a Spring baby myself...or an Autumn baby.
commented by Blogger Jenn, 6:11 AM  

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