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Out on the Limb

Resting in Washington

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Continued journey story-telling - Days 8 thru 12...

...were spent resting in Darrington, Washington. It was cold, and rainy. No surprise there. I visited a local coffee shop that I recalled had a computer available for patrons, but it was broken. "We have WiFi!", the gal told me brightly. This was a phrase I would hear repeatedly on my trip cross-country and back. Convenient internet cafes with PC's have come and gone, for the most part. Without a lap-top, travelers are pretty much SOL now, which is why a Spring journey is being told in Fall.

I also had a problem getting a decent cup of coffee at this once favorite coffeehouse. Putting on a pot of drip coffee was only done upon customer request, necessitating a 10 minute or so wait. Waiting was not a problem for me, so I went daily and made my request. So far, so good. But the shop owner wasn't too keen on wasting the remainder of the pot. That's my guess, because she began strongly suggesting I try "Americana" coffee (a shot of espresso with hot water). I didn't like the taste or texture, and I tried it two days in a row to be sure. I still like my REAL coffee.

I spent the few days in my old neighborhood reviewing my survival supplies:
candles - check
instant foods - check
gloves - check
portable toilet - check
....and so on...

I needed work boots and found a perfect pair at the thrift store for $2. I also purchased a hooded sweat-shirt and a summer pair of gardening gloves.

We would be back on the road Thursday, 4-5-07. On Wednesday, as my anticipation reached full height, it snowed big fat flakes. It was a welcome, lovely sight:

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posted by Deb, 3:27 PM


Was that a video of Darrington, WA? Because that doesnt look like Darrington (being a long time resident of the area)! It looks like Arlington.

Darrington Has no COFFEE SHOPS with Wireless Internet. We have drive thru Espresso places tho!
commented by Blogger Kiya, 7:24 PM  
Yes, the video is of Arlington. I consider Arlington to be "local" in relation to Darrington. As you know, Darrington residents refer to Arlington simply as "down below". I got my "local" coffee down below. I should have clarified that. Thanks for stopping by, Kiya. :)
commented by Blogger Deb, 4:26 PM  

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