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Out on the Limb


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sorry, folks. Been busy cutting 6" off my hair, and campaigning for Kucinich, and sorting paperwork, and shopping for green shoes, and so forth and so on. I'll continue my cross-country posting and other more current happenings soon.

Meanwhile, the good news is that Lee V is OK in Belize. Phew! Paradise is hopping, lately! :) So glad you are all OK.

Speaking of real life happenings, (warning: graphic disturbing images ahead) I can always depend on Stan to tell it like it is. Situation - critical. Act now.
posted by Deb, 7:25 PM


Holy crap Deb. I just had to be a curious cat at click on the link.
That is disturbing. Don't worry. I wont lose sleep. I've worked in hospital for 30 years. It is such a horror that there are humans who delight in scenes like these. They think they believe in God, but they are Godless. It's a sad state of affairs. These people didn't do these things 100 years ago.
commented by Blogger CatWoman, 8:30 PM  
Yes, it's brutal and deeply disturbing. I don't dwell on such things daily, but I don't want to ignore the reality of such horrors either.

Thanks for stopping by.
commented by Blogger Deb, 10:58 AM  

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