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Out on the Limb

North Powder

Monday, September 24, 2007

oregon trail
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Day 13, eastbound 4-5-07
journey cont'd

Our first night eastbound was spent in North Powder, Oregon. We stopped here because, well....I liked the name. (Estimated population in 2003 was 488). We have turned away from the Columbia River and are heading south at the moment.

I was encouraged to find a clean, reasonable family-owned motel. They charged $37 for 2 queen beds. I take this as a sign that we will continue to find decent lodging off-the-beaten-path throughout the U.S. Boy, was I ever wrong!

We take a pleasant walk through town and visit a couple of historic sites: North Powder's first jail, an old wagon, and those lovingly-built monolithic stone buildings. Little did I know how weary I would become two months hence of seeing old pioneer wagons; but I'm sure I wasn't near as weary of seeing them as the pioneers were!

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