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Out on the Limb


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Swamp Juice, Dog Drool, and Toxic Slime

Hmm. I'll stick with green tea.

Starfish slime is proving a secure income...

Run! Run for your lives, little starfish!
You have several legs....you can do it! Run, I tell you!

San Diego is combatting a slime problem

Nice to know....since I will be flying into San Diego on Monday.

Slime and Defend

Can't investigate slime without talking about Bush...now can we. Hmmmm?
posted by Deb, 7:50 PM


Oh happy day! A comment from Deb!! THANK YOU for taking a moment to visit with me.

I went to YOUR blog, and you are the blog master! WOW! So many interesting things and links and people in your life. I will aspire to be equally intersting on my trek into the blogoshpere.

Good luck to you in your move to San Diego! I visited once. Flew out on a blind date from the internet (which I'd never, ever do again) and had a bad time with the fellow, but a great time on my own in the City and surrounding area. Best time was sitting on the deck of the Hotel del Coronado drinking and listening to jazz as the sun set over the Pacific.

My sister, just 14 months older at 54, has dreams of working from her RV and traveling around. I don't think she's as environmentally conscious as you are though. She's been everywhere in that thing, and we'll be heading to Mexico when I visit her at Christmas time. She currently resides in Sun City CA to be closer to her only daughter.

I will link you too! Thanks again, you made my day:)

28 November, 2005
commented by Blogger MJ, 6:03 AM  

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