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Out on the Limb

Game Time !

Monday, December 27, 2004

(C)anine (A)lgorithmic (T)ransfer (S)ystem

Answer a few questions, and find out what kind of dog you are!

I'm an English Cocker Spaniel...hardy, energetic and affectionate, gentle and playful. But I don't tolerate teasing very well, so bugger off.
posted by Deb, 2:43 PM


Thanks for your visit Deb and Happy new year to you as well.

I really liked the Dog test, especially the website itself, very innovative. I'm supposedly a Tibetan Terrier! Cool, it looked like a cute dog.
commented by Blogger Jamak, 3:06 PM  
I am also a english cockier spaniel!
commented by Blogger sonal, 12:43 AM  

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