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Out on the Limb

Dear Santa...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Santa baby, I desire a kind and patient computer guru to sit by my side until I understand.

I've got an Epson 2200 printer and can't figure out how to get the printed color to match what I see on the screen. I've searched for Yahoo groups...and sure 'nuff...there is more than one group addressing Epson printer questions. I've selected a group and will dig into their info-base tomorrow.

Graphics. I really need help with graphics.
Animated graphics would be nice...

How about it, Santa? Can I please have a temporary nerd of my very own?

With best wishes for your safe flight around the globe Saturday night. (Please ignore that disturbing photo of the jet below),
posted by Deb, 3:53 PM


Hi Deb,

The problem of prints not matching the colours on the screen is because of two things:
Monitor Calibration
Printer Calibration

You'll need calibration software to get your monitor to correctly display colours and for the printer to correctly print them.

Google the following string to get links to articles and tips on calibrating your monitor and printer:
monitor +match +color +printer

All the best,
commented by Blogger Deepak Morris, 12:13 AM  
Thank you, Deepak.
I appreciate you turning me the right direction on this. I'll get there eventually.
commented by Blogger Deb, 5:38 PM  

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