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Out on the Limb

Susan Butcher

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Susan Butcher diagnosed with leukemia; needs bone marrow transplant.

Updates on her progress can be found at www.susanbutcher.com
Several links are available at Susan Butcher's site to learn more about bone marrow transplants and opportunites to be a donor.

Financial donations are also needed: http://www.susanbutcher.com/donations.html

Susan is currently undergoing treatment at:

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1100 Fairview Avenue North
P.O. Box 19024
Seattle, WA 98109
University of Washington

Note: No flowers or fruit allowed in ward at Seattle
Cards can be sent to:

Susan Butcher
P.O. Box 60249
Fairbanks, AK 99706
My admiration of Susan Butcher and her accomplishments is huge. I'm praying that a bone marrow donor match is found soon for Susan.

I named my cat "Butcher" after Susan. Butcher-the-cat was obviously strongest of the litter. It was soon obvious that Butcher-the-cat was hell bent on exploring her world fearlessly. She was the only cat I've ever known that insisted on climbing down a tree head first. It wasn't easy, but she just refused to back down!! haha Since gravity doesn't cooperate too well with the head-first method, Butcher-the-cat resorted to dashing down the tree head first before gravity could swing her 'round....or so it appeared. She was a very strong cat.

We love you, Susan! Get well soon.
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