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Out on the Limb

Further Out on the Limb

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Regarding my previous post about past lives, Trudging said, "I am still trying to figure out who I am in this life."

HA!...me too!!

So I'm stripping down to bare essentials.

Hopefully, with lots of guidance from above, beyond and here-and-now, the significant things I add back into my life will be given proper forethought and relatively free from wayward desires/habits such as greed, manipulation, fear of success, fear of failure, grasping, envy...

I want to spend a minimum amount of time paying for the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. With those secured, my remaining time will be spent on spiritual matters and helping Earth. Ideally, a way will open up that allows me to pay for my basic needs in a spiritual and Earth-healing way.

Yes, Sonal...my mad schemes never end!! hahaha Good thing, too. Where would any of us be without our dreams and hopes?

My house and property near Seattle go back on the market for sale in the next couple of weeks. I will then be moving south (San Diego) to begin my leap into the unknown. I have vague plans that I hope will keep me from going mad. I anticipate that I will spill my guts here fairly regularly as I work my way through this major life change. I KNOW I've been saying things like this for months and months and months. But REALLY...I'm another Merapi in waiting. It's not the event; it's the process of becoming that captures my soul.

Many thanks to Sonal, MsMeow, and Trudging for stopping by recently...and to my other friends and visitors as well. I need you guys.
posted by Deb, 6:08 AM


We live vicariously
commented by Blogger Meow, 9:05 PM  
Yep, vicariously!
commented by Blogger Trudging, 1:11 AM  

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