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Out on the Limb

A Fondness for Knots

Monday, February 06, 2006

I like knots. I like math. See Jane run. See Jane run from the knots.

I'm not well today. Can you tell? What I'm trying to say is...knots have a mathematical beauty to them, don't you think?

Flat turkshead mat knot
Originally uploaded by Whatknot.

I regressed to the old "See Spot Run" blather for some reason. When I was a Brownie (pre-Girl Scout) I was terribly jealous of the boy scouts and their knots. We made flowers out of tissues...and they made knots. We made more flowers out of tissues, and they went to the beach to roast weiners.

So I've decided to learn Chinese knotting. Of course, I decide a lot of things. The trick is actually DOING these things. I have purchased the rattail; and the internet is loaded with "how to's" of course. We will see what develops.
Many thanks to Whatknot at Flickr who allows use of his photos through a Creative Commons license. The knot pictured is a "flat turkshead mat". Oh, yeah...it already says that, doesn't it. (sigh)
posted by Deb, 3:59 PM


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