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Out on the Limb

The Mighty Ironing Board

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ironing board

Oh.....Pahleeeeezzze. I purchased an ironing board today for $12.49. The above ad was on every ironing-related product in the store.

"Magical"...? Ironing stopped being magical over half a century ago.

"Rumpled-up life"...? Huh? It's an ironing board for criminey sake.

Ironing is a necessary evil, especially since I prefer natural fibers. And even so, I'll mostly be using my new board for sewing projects. But to suggest my life will iron out wrinkle free with my troubles vanishing before my very eyes is ludicrous.

Hello to whoever wrote the above ad.........I suggest you go back to that life-changing drawing board that enslaves you.

Give me a break. I can see that advertising is a necessary evil, too. But this is downright insulting.

Hey...WAIT! Maybe the advertisers have a point. Check it out.

Extreme Ironing (video)
posted by Deb, 2:24 PM



iron board that turns into might magic board huh ;p

commented by Blogger Spyder_Z, 11:43 PM  

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