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Out on the Limb

100 Things About Me

Monday, January 29, 2007

1. I have many ways of defining myself. Philosophically, I'm currently an economad with Buddhist tendencies.

2. Usually, I prefer dogs to cats. A dull dog and bright cat could change that preference.

3. I had a blow-up inner tube slip (undergarment) when I was a kid. I cannot find either a picture or an article about this contraption!

4. I'm a deltiologist.

5. I love the smell of rotting seaweed (or is that salt air I smell?). No, it's the seaweed.

(5A - a freebee) I also love the smell of tomatoe leaves.

6. The recipe I am best at making is homemade ravioli (including making the egg noodles).

7. If I'm not in the mood to cook, you might want to have the fire department on standby because I get easily distracted.

8. I have always been able to bend my fingernails back and forth without damage.

9. I can type error-free faster than most (but who is counting).

10. My favorite color is blue...sky blue, to be specific.

11. I practice yoga. I'd like to say daily, but sometimes I hit a slump.

12. It is highly unlikely you will ever see me jogging or playing golf, except putt-putt golf which always causes me to double over with laughter.

13. Listening to crickets for hours on end is very relaxing for me.

14. I grew up in Florida but have never water skied.

15. Mahakala came to me in my dreams. The second night, I woke up screaming. I'm not sure what this means, but I feel honored anyway. Prior to the dreams, I knew nothing of him.

16. Oh, and I practice dream yoga, too.

17. I have three grown sons. They have enriched my life beyond words and I am incredibly fortunate to be their Mom.

18. I do not understand why some women scream during childbirth. I personally needed to conserve all available energy.

19. If I had testicles, I would give one to save tigers and the other to save polar bears...if it would help. At least, I think I would be willing to do that. We are talking about whole species here, right? I mean...how much could it hurt? wow. sorry. let's move on....

20. Severe weather fascinates me, and I desire to learn more weather science.

21. I'd like to take the "November course" at Kopan Monastery some year in the not-so-distant future. Want to go with me? (Kathmandu, Nepal)

22. I think I might have a mild case of "Central Auditory Processing Disorder", but I have no intention of seeking a diagnosis. I'm just glad CAPD wasn't invented when I was young, because someone somewhere likely would have over-medicated me.

23. Speaking of which, I don't drink and I don't smoke (been there, done that).

24. Africa is my favorite continent, perhaps because of Jean-Pierre Hallet, a gentle giant.

25. Margaret Mead is my hero.

26. I do all possible to eat organic.

27. I prefer to live near large bodies of water.

28. I think cows should be outlawed.

29. I realized the world was insane at age 7 when I was told to "duck and cover" under my desk for protection from being nuked during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was bad enough to learn that nuclear bombs existed...but then to learn that duck-and-cover was the best protection adults could suggest...? insane

30. My favorite gem is lapis lazuli and tiger's eye is a close second, but strip mining for anything has got to stop.

31. I love to read. NOT on my reading list is westerns, romance novels, porn, tabloids, women's magazines, the bible, and anything by Anne Coulter and her kind.

32. I believe reincarnation is a definite possibility; and if that is so then there is a scientific basis for it.

33. I miss viewing a night sky without space junk or wondering if the "star" I'm admiring is really a satellite.

34. Owls are the cat's meow.

35. I'm primarily a landlubber but enjoy boating and small plane rides.

36. I avoid all amusement rides that post warning signs (such as: "If you have a heart condition, do not take this ride.")

37. I have bowled three games over 200 in my life. The remainder of my games were usually under 140.

38. The best friend I ever had was my bowling coach and I miss her.

39. I used to have a parakeet named Maestro and a turtle named Clem Kadiddlehopper.

40. I have an autographed photo of Red Skelton. I don't find him nearly as funny now as I did when I was a kid.

41. I have collected a large amount of shells through the years and wouldn't mind being a professional beach comber.

42. I'm a Putumayo music junkie. I avoid heavy metal and jazz, and like country in small doses only.

43. I have had two 14 year marriages. My hero, Margaret Mead, was divorced three times. Two is enough for me. Mead firmly stated, "I don't consider my marriages as failures. Its idiotic to assume that because a marriage ends, its failed."

44. I was raised Methodist, but evolved to be non-religious. I believe religions suffer greatly from the same diseases as governments, i.e. corruption and propaganda.

45. I don't dance, and I don't apologize for not dancing. I think my Methodist upbringing may have something to do with this, but by now my reluctance has evolved to phobia status. Oh, wait!! I can still do the twist!

46. I love the sound of rain on a tin roof.

47. I was in Canada when man first landed on the moon.

48. A well ripened mango is better than ice cream any day.

49. As a small child, I used to hold my breath until I passed out. I am told I can still be quite stubborn.

50. Growing vegetables myself from seed is highly rewarding.

51. I haven't worn makeup since my teens, and I have a long-winded list of reasons.

52. I taught myself to weave Maori style (loomless).

53. Walking barefoot makes me happy; and I have a flipflop tan.

54. My eyes glaze over when I walk into a bead shop.

55. I think of cars in one of two ways: Point A to Point B ---or--- MPG

56. I took out a 2nd mortgage to buy a diesel engine car which is now running on 99.9% biodiesel. Thank you.

57. I believe pointy narrow high-heeled shoes are best suited for people with pointy narrow minds.

58. My favorite toy is a kaleidoscope.

59. When it is absolutely necessary to buy clothes, I buy them from 2nd hand shops.

60. I avoid traveling on interstates whenever possible, especially here in California. (It's true what they say!)

61. Newton's 3rd law of motion essentially states that for every action force there is an equal but opposite reaction force. I believe this scientific law directly applies to karma as well; and I do not believe that religion is a necessary ingredient to understanding and believing in the concept of karma.

62. If I were to re-define the Holy Trinity concept of my brainwashed childhood, I would substitute Father-Son-HolyGhost for Science-Math-Art.

63. I now have 2 or 3 gray hairs!! I have never dyed my hair, for the same reasons I don't wear makeup.

64. I would like to learn origami...

65. ...and shadow puppetry...

66. ...and the art of indigenous and folklore story telling.

67. In theory, I would have been a good gypsy. In practice...who knows?

68. Almost all of my ancestors hail from New Jersey....and go waaaaaaaaaaayy back.

69. I'm a person of extremes. For example: It's city or country (not the burbs).

70. My hair has been long for many years, but I fantasize about shaving my head.

71. I believe there is a poet in everyone; and Buddha Nature in everyone, too (Mahayana interpretation).

72. If I were another type of animal, perhaps I would be a beaver. I have an endless need to make things with my hands, and an endless desire to plug leaks. (yeah, yeah...I know beavers don't have hands!)

73. I have hope that computers will help save us from ourselves.

74. I want to purchase some land and go off-grid.

75. Extreme isolation tempts me, but ultimately too much isolation is detrimental. I seek balance.

76. I am 95% vegetarian. I was a vegan for several months once and still aspire towards that goal. Raw foods and juicing interest me.

77. I have a birthmark located on the third eye. Because of this, some cultures would have killed me at birth, and others would have worshiped me. I have escaped both of these undesirable fates.

78. I'm convinced meditation is an extremely beneficial non-activity.

79. I consider myself a futurist, but don't know how to market my skills...nor do I want to.

80. Travel is one of my passions.

81. When I was three, I dropped a large can on my little toe and chopped half of it off. I am told it rolled behind the trash can. My remaining half-toe grew back....with nail. It's not the prettiest toe in the world, but things could have been a lot worse.

82. I believe that if more people would fly kites, there would be less war. :)

83. I used to stress-out about and argue over politics. Now I try to change the world simply by setting example. I've noticed that this is a much healthier and productive approach to life.

84. I might also define myself as pragmatic and socially challenged. The older I become, the more at ease I am in social situations.

85. One of my prize possessions is a singing bowl. I aspire someday to own, and know how to play, a complete set of seven.

86. Although I do not consider myself very materialistic, I can be a real packrat. I am particularly attracted to bits of metal and found objects and am loathe to toss away anything potentially useful. Again...I seek balance.

87. I think wall-to-wall carpets are a bad idea. They are too hard to clean, and tend to end up in landfills when worn.

88. I think the life of both Ran Prieur and Hobopoet are good examples of how the universe provides for those who follow their true nature. (It does not matter how long it takes to reach our goals; intent is everything.)

89. I have a couple of 2-yr college degrees (AA and AS) for office procedure. An additional two years was spent in college studying what I wanted rather than what someone else wanted or thought I should study.

90. I like looking at clock structures, but resist being enslaved by man-made time segments. Nevertheless, I prefer to be "on time" so as not to inconvenience others. sigh

91. Although not religious, I believe in prayer. Perhaps by prayer, I mean "positive thinking". And I think neutrinos may be carriers. (I just wanted to put that thought on record.)

92. I have a natural downward curve to my mouth which makes me look grumpy. I have smiled excessively since childhood to encourage smile wrinkles in my older years...to no avail. Me, my sister, my mother, and my grandmother all look like sour pusses. Oh, well.

93. One of my regrets is that I had all my wisdom teeth removed when I was about 45 years old. I should have known better.

94. For the most part, TV bores me. So I don't own one.

95. Top ten places I would like to visit:
96. I can't remember the last time I played a game of marbles. (note to self - add to list of things to do).

97. Being outside is energizing for me. On the other hand, I don't tolerate cold too well but believe I can work on this handicap with proper breathing techniques (pranayama).

98. I play a good game of cribbage.

99. My favorite online interactive map is here.

100. We are the creators of our own lives. Personally, I have trouble deciding which colors and brushes to use each day. Other than that, I am extremely grateful to have been given a canvas!
posted by Deb, 6:38 PM


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