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Out on the Limb

contemplating outhouses

Friday, August 17, 2007

contemplating outhouses
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Day 1 = 3-24-07:
I don't know if this was a working outhouse or not; but I was on my way to experience rural living at its finest. This was my 1st day on the road from California to North Carolina (via Washington State). I was still in a bit of shock about my intended plan to "rough it". Picture was taken at the Rainbow exit just south of Temecula, California.

I'm no stranger to outhouses, and they don't bother me. Lack of privacy and lack of toilet paper, on the other hand, would be big problems!

At this point, I'm also wondering what I've gotten myself into. JD purchased a used car shortly before our departure. It, also, is packed to the hilt and seems to sway dangerously back and forth with the slightest side wind. On the plus side, he is an adventurous traveler with few worries. On the minus side, he stops frequently for refreshments, bathroom, places of interest, stretch of legs, etc etc etc; while I look at my odometer and wonder if we will manage more than 200 miles this day.

When this picture was taken, it is 9:30 AM on our first day of travel. We are about 40 miles away from departure!

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